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Protein Ridges - Spicy Nacho (15 Bags)

Crisp snacks that pack a lot of protein and taste delicious – bet you didn’t think that could ever be a possibility. Snap Nutrition achieved the impossible when they created Protein Ridges, and avid snackers are quickly choosing these high protein crisps to munch on everywhere they go!

Snap Protein Ridges are light, savory, and filled with cheesy goodness. They’re packed with natural flavors, and they’re healthy as can be. Snap Nutrition created these crisps with love by adding the perfect ingredients together: Dehydrated onions, garlic, and tomato, salt, an array of spices, sour cream made from non-fat milk, dried buttermilk, protein blends, and so much more. It’s a miracle these little mouth-watering, finger-licking bites only hold 180 calories per bag.

To add, each bag of Protein Ridges is made to hold one serving size, which means that a whopping 15g of protein is packed into these crisps. The ridges naturally catch and hold the intense cheesy flavor to keep you coming back for more. Once you’re hooked, grab a bag and share it with your friends and family!